ELMio Foods Inc. is the culinary conception creatively inspired by Ascanio Broccoli, born in Italy and his wife Orbelisa Broccoli, born in El Salvador. Founded in 1991, ElMio Foods Inc. introduced to the culinary market the ElMio empanada, a product which is a fusion of Latin-American and Italian cuisine. Branching out into other areas of the “foodie” market the company also produces a variety of pesto sauces.  Thirty years since its inception the company has grown in products and in love.  The company once run by Ascanio and his wife alone now boasts their children and numerous grandchildren who are following in the family business and tradition.  ElMio Inc. stands out for its quality, freshness, and authentic flavours. This is why we can proudly say that ElMio Foods Inc. is the flavour of Quality!