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Empanadas: the classic Latin food!

Empanadas: the classic Latin food!

While Ascanio Broccoli comes from a rich Italian cooking tradition, his tastes are not strictly limited to his national cuisine. Since 1991, Ascanio has broadened his culinary horizons to include Latin food to his products. El-Mio’s empanadas are a case in point, and an exercise in the international flavour of quality.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with empanadas, they are a staple of Latin food. They are similar in appearance to other wrapped foods such as the Italian calzone and are basically stuffed pastry,. The name, which can vary from one country to another, comes from the Spanish word “empanar,” meaning to wrap or coat in bread. In its most basic form an empanada is made using a round layer of dough, with the ingredients placed inside and then folding the dough in half, giving it a distinct semicircular shape. It makes it a tasty and portable meal, or a handy snack that is a staple of Latin food.

Though most popular in Spanish speaking countries, empanadas are found around the equatorial world, from Iraq (where it is known as a “simbusak”) to Argentina. Empanadas from Galicia, Spain, are typically filled with codfish or chicken. Because of the large number of Galicians who have immigrated to Central and South American countries, this type of Latin food has emerged as one of the most popular in that part of the world.

Still, some would argue that the empanadas of the northern province of Tucuman are the tastiest in Argentina, home of the National Empanada Festival. Meanwhile other regions of the world have developed their own variations on this popular traditional Latin food.

Freshness wrapped up

At El-Mio every effort has been made to offer the very best empanadas on the market. With no artificial ingredients or flavourings, El-Mio empanadas are still made in small batches by hand, much as they have been made for centuries. Using family recipes El-Mio offers ten varieties of empanadas. The classic empanadas are filled with fish, beef, chicken, shrimp, salmon, sausage, broccoli or spinach, with a blend of ricotta, romano and mozzarella cheeses while the calzones are filled with peppers, pepperoni, cheese and mushrooms. Three types of the El-Mio empanadas are vegetarian and every one is subjected to the same care for quality, offering the best possible flavour every time.

Sold frozen by the dozen, El-Mio empanadas can be cooked at 400 F for 15 to 20 minutes or until golden, and then are ready to serve for hotels, restaurants, and private parties or as a quick and easy meal for a busy family. Made to order with strict attention to freshness and taste, El-Mio empanadas are quintessential classic Latin food that embodies the flavour of quality.

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EL-Mio, the flavour of quality!
- Yannick Bilodeau