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In 1991, after a long and successful career as a chef and restaurant owner, Ascanio Broccoli took his art as the creator of fine foods to a new level, founding El-Mio Foods. As a homemade food distributor, El-Mio has been delighting pallets for more than 17 years. Made by hand using only first-quality ingredients, it’s like having an Italian chef right in your own home!

Quality homemade food

One word comes to mind when tasting El-Mio’s homemade food for the first time: Quality. That’s because it’s made in small batches to ensure the quality and the flavour aren’t lost in the creative process. Quality control is crucial at El-Mio, using a mixture of local and imported ingredients to ensure its pestos, sauces and empanadas will always be nothing short of exceptional.

Born in San Andrea, Frosinone, Italy, Ascanio Broccoli came to Canada in 1964 as a true Italian chef. He worked in hotels and restaurants in Montreal before opening his own restaurant, the Rigoletto. That’s where he perfected his recipes, which in 1991 he decided to share with a larger audience, opening up El-Mio foods and becoming one of the most recognized latin food distributors. The El-Mio name comes from the fusion of El Salvador, where his wife is from, and Italy, and means “It’s mine.” That blend of Italian and Latin American influences was first introduced as El-Mio’s empanadas.

No compromises

When you purchase an El-Mio product you can be assured of a product made under the strict supervision of a master chef, with no fillers, no MSG and no compromises.

While El-Mio was born from a proud tradition of fine Italian cuisine, its master chefs aren’t content to simply depend on past successes. Ascanio Broccoli and his team are always working on newer and even healthier recipes for homemade sauces, pestos, empanadas and more. Once they meet Ascanio’s high standards these fine foods are passed on to retailers, restaurants, hotels, and consumers. All made to order to ensure homemade freshness. El-Mio values the importance of quality products and satisfied customers. This is what makes El-Mio so popular with food distributors accross Quebec.

El-Mio is a family-owned company that is proud of its traditions. Today Ascanio Broccoli continues to run the business with his wife Orbelisa Bonilla and children. The family commitment to the flavour of quality is alive and well, and ready for your dinner table!
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I first tasted El-Mio's empanadas at a friend's party. They were so cripsy and tasty that I thought she made them herself. She told me her secret: they were from El-Mio! Since they are always made fresh, the empanadas really tasted homemade. Now when I host parties, I serve El-Mio's empanadas... but I tell my guests I made them myself!
- Yannick Bilodeau
February 14, 2013 COMING TO SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA El-Mio is coming to San Francisco Bay Area!! Read more >>
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